The LHD 101fc ambi that sat in my yard for 3 years

Land Rover Left Hand Drive 101in Forward Controll ex‑army Ambulance

new nose in place bumper/x‑member not fitted
101 FC Ambulance

When I bought it, as a non‑runner, there was significant front end crash damage. With a lot of help from Alastair I completed the major structural stuff (new nose and replacement windscreen frame) but I didn’t have the time to devote to it as I was doing other things every weekend in the summer. I realised that at the rate I was working, at the mercy of the winter weather, it’d be another 2 years before I’d have it on the road. So I advertised it through the 101 group (on Yahoo groups), sold it in March 2007 and bought a Lightweight Land Rover as a more manageable alternative .


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Crash damaged front end stripped out
before the new front was fitted
view with front removed
cab interior (seats, steering column,
engine covers etc.) not yet re‑fitted
view inside the cab
Back and side view
ready for a new paint job
side view